Pre-Listing Appraisals can Save Time and Money


In today's uncertain real estate market, a pre-listing appraisal can mean the difference between a fast sale or a long drawn out sale. Too many times a seller wants to just "try out a price" just to see if by some miracle, an uninformed buyer may come by and pay your high asking price. Unfortunately, it is very rare these days to have such luck. Most buyers are extremely careful about what they offer for a property they want to purchase. Buyers undoubtedly have the upper hand. What most sellers do not realize is that the homes that are selling, are priced at or below market value. How does one know the magic number to have regular showings and finally, an offer?

A real estate appraisal can provide the most current information you will need to price your home accordingly. Appraisers have up to the minute sale information, can decipher market conditions, know lender requirements on comparables that can be used, and follow a strict code of conduct prescribed by the USPAP standards. You will receive an unbiased, accurate & professional value report on your home.

Realtors...before you spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your precious time on a new listing, stay ahead of the competition and know that you have the right price on your listing. Earn your commission faster and with less advertising money out of your pocket. Order a pre-listing appraisal today!




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